Late Nights 20-21

Late Night

Late Nights

Or when the opera house becomes a performance and you are the performers.

Late Nights

As soon as you step inside, you get swept up like a modern-day Cinderella in a swirl of sounds and sights that carry you from one space to the next, from a highball to a cocktail, from midnight to the wee hours, because at the Grand Théâtre, three times per season, at 3 a.m., we turn the coach into a pumpkin and the glass slippers change into sneakers that won’t damage the beautiful parquet floors they’re dancing on. A far-out party for people with open minds. We know that our reputation as a posh place for stuffy classical music fans precedes us. But for three nights next season, we’ve curated a few line-ups of badass DJs to come and rip up the house. And some of your prejudices against us, while they’re at it.

Three times per season, the Grand Théâtre stays up way past its bedtime. In November, to open the season, in February to drive the winter away and in June, to celebrate summer. It’ll also be a good time to invite some of our neighbours and cronies over and open up to other genres: after Antigel or Musiques en été who will be part of the lucky few of the next season?


28.11.2020 Late Night #1 – CANCELLED

5.2.2021 Late Night #2 – CANCELLED

26.6.2021 Late Night #3

From 11:00om to 2:00am
Entrance CHF 25.–
At the GTG

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