Duel #3 Jonathan




My first name is Jonathan. I have no last name. I am a healthcare robot.
Duel #3

Hoppla, we’re back together for the last Duel of the season. You bet! With Jonathan, a robot in palliative care, who will be bringing us his observations on the pandemic. It’s wacky, sweet and scary, and it comes to us fresh from Belgium: not a virus, but a play that was created in Brussels last September and has since served as a test performance to prove that culture is not contagious! Come and laugh and cry with the two personalities of the Belgian scene, Valentijn Dhaenens (Girl, La Merditude des choses) and Bruno Vanden Broecke, who had already made an impression on the public in French-speaking Switzerland with Mission in 2014 and Para in 2019 at La Comédie. To be discovered on 24 and 25 June at 7pm, in the main auditorium.

Info and tickets

Thursday June 24 and Friday June 25 at 7PM
Admission CHF 15.–
On the main stage

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