First time at the Grand Théâtre


First time at the Grand Théâtre?


I may not understand everything, right?
Of course not. First of all, please visit our website at gtg. ch which provides lots of information, explanations and videos about the show. In addition, 45 minutes before each opera performance, you can listen to our specialist who gives some clues to help you better appreciate the work. A customized email with the latest information and videos on the show and your visit is sent to each ticket holder the day before the performance. Finally, all operas are surtitled in French and English.

How should I dress?
As you like. You can dress up to the nines or come in jeans and a T­shirt. The opera is open to everybody. The important thing is to feel good and comfortable.

Which ticket?
To make things easy, the Grand Théâtre offers various kinds of tickets to suit your preference:

  • The electronic ticket (eTicket), so you can save it directly onto your mobile phone.
  • The ticket for printing (print@home), so you can print it out at home in A4 format.
  • The standard ticket, available to buy at the box office or by mail (additional fees may apply).

At what time should I come?
We recommend you come one hour before the show starts. You can enjoy the magnificent setting of the Grand Théâtre, have some refreshments or listen to the introduction of the work 45 minutes before curtain time. Although evening performances generally start at 8 PM and matinees at 3 p.m., some show times can vary. It is therefore recommended that you check the timetable before you come. Performance times are mentioned on all tickets and on our website.

Is there a break?
Yes, most operas, ballets, concerts and recitals have a 30 ­minutes intermission.

How do I find my way around?
The Grand Théâtre is big, but very easy to walk through, and staff members are there to help you every step of the way.

  • On the ground floor: the entrance hall, the box office on the left, the bar Café de La Plage to the right, then the atrium enabling you to access the stalls in the auditorium, called the orchestra seats, the upper levels and the Bar bleu in the basement (on both sides).
  • The first and second circles: accessible by the staircases at each side, the two upper levels offer the most coveted seats, the boxes and access to the magnificent foyers.
  • The upper circle: the 3rd and highest level of the theatre, provides very good acoustics and access to the specific bar.
  • The basement: here you will find the grand Bar bleu, accessible from each side of the ground floor.

Cloakrooms (except on the ground floor), toilets and safety exits are available et each level and on each side of the auditorium. For further information about the bars please see below.

Can I eat and drink there?
Of course! And every level has its own bar. Whether before the performance, during the intermission or even after the show, everything will be ready to make your experience unforgettable. Drinks and food are not allowed in the auditorium. More information here

Opera for everyone

Opera for everyone

Here is a selection of outdated misconceptions, which should now be ignored…

The Grand Théâtre is too expensive!
No, there are prices to suit all budgets. This season, seat prices start at CHF 17.– at full price, thanks to a new partnership with la Mobilière, and for all performances! And then, there are other concessions such as “last minute”, “youth” (-50%) and “student” (-25%), which get you into our shows at low prices.

It’s always full!
The Grand Théâtre is not reserved only for season ticket holders, and you will find seats with an excellent view of the stage and remarkable acoustics in all seating categories of the Grand Théâtre. Most of the times, there will always be a seat available for you.

You have to be an connoisseur, I won’t understand anything!
Quite the opposite! Everybody can feel at ease. Our programmes, our conferences and our surtitling are there to give you the elements that will help you better understand the performances we present.

No time, young parents.
Would you like to take abreak for an evening? We’ll take care of everything. With the purchase of your ticket, babysitting is provided free of charge.
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