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Le Cercle

Founded in 1986, the Cercle du Grand Théâtre de Genève brings together patrons and institutional bodies that wish to support the Grand Théâtre’s activities in the fields of opera, dance and drama. Since its beginnings, the Cercle provides the Grand Théâtre with important financial support for its artistic productions and cultural events.
For the 2019­2020 season, the Cercle is supporting the following productions: Aida, Les Huguenots and Voyage vers l’espoir.
Joining the Cercle du Grand Théâtre de Genève is to support a cultural institution in the service of its city and to give it the means to fulfill its mission: to open hearts to the magic of opera, awaken minds to current debates in society, involve young people in the life of the opera house, make performances accessible to the widest audience, welcome top class productions and artists and promote artistic creation and innovation.

To share a common passion and get involved in French­speaking Switzerland’s biggest cultural venue.

To enjoy exclusive advantages:

  • Intermission cocktails
  • Gala dinner
  • Opera evenings abroad
  • Annual conference by opera and ballet professionals, visits of the theatre, talks with the artists
  • Invitations to the voice finals of the world­famous Geneva International Music Competition
  • Priority season ticket subscriptions
  • Priority choice of seats, and season­long seat reservation
  • Personalised box office service
  • Personal delivery of programmes and the Grand Théâtre magazine
  • Visibility on all Grand Théâtre supports
  • Exclusive discounts when hiring Grand Théâtre public venues
  • All donations to the Cercle du Grand Théâtre are tax deductible
  • Invitation drink at the Première
  • Presentation of the private season as a preview by the General Management
  • Meet & Greet with artists and/or members
  • Private visit of the Grand Théâtre (upon request)
  • Free access to all the activities of La Plage

Cercle du Grand Théâtre de Genève
Gwénola Trutat
Case postale 5126
1211 Genève 11
+41 22 321 85 77 (8h – 12h)

M. Rémy Best, chairman
M. Shelby du Pasquier, vice­-chairman
Mme Véronique Walter, treasurer
Mme Beatrice Rötheli-Mariotti, secretary

M. Antoine Khairallah
Mme Pilar de La Béraudière
M. François Reyl
M. Adam Said
M. Julien Schoenlaub
Mme Benedetta Spinola
M. Gerson Waechter

M. Jean Bonna
M. et Mme Rémy Best
Fondation du groupe Pictet
M. et Mme Luis Freitas de Oliveira
M. et Mme Pierre Keller
Banque Lombard Odier & Cie
MKS (Switzerland) SA
M. et Mme Yves Oltramare
M. et Mme Julien Schoenlaub
Société Générale Private Banking Suisse
M. et Mme Gérard Wertheimer

S.A. Prince Amyn Aga Khan
Mme Diane d’Arcis
M. et Mme Luc Argand
Mme Gillian Arnold
M. Ronald Asmar
Mme May Bakhtiar
Mme Christine Batruch-­Hawrylyshyn
Mme Annie Benhamou
Mme Maria Pilar de la Béraudière
M. Vincent Bernasconi
M. et Mme Philippe Bertherat
Mme Antoine Best
Mme Saskia van Beuningen
Mme Clotilde de Bourqueney Harari
Comtesse Brandolini d’Adda
M. et Mme Yves Burrus
Mme Caroline Caffin
Mme Maria Livanos Cattaui
M. et Mme Jacques Chammas
M. et Mme Philippe Chandon-Moët
Mme Claudia Ciampi
M. et Mme Philippe Cottier
M. et Mme Claude Demole
M. et Mme Guy Demole
M. Pierre Dreyfus
M. et Mme Olivier Dunant
Mme Marie-Christine Dutheillet de Lamothe
Mme Denise Elfen-­Laniado
Mme Diane Etter­-Soutter
Mme Catherine Fauchier-­Magnan
M. et Mme Éric Freymond
M. et Mme Yves Gouzer
M. et Mme Marc Groothaert
M. et Mme Philippe Gudin de La Sablonnière
Mme Bernard Haccius
M. et Mme Philippe Jabre
M. et Mme Éric Jacquet
M. Romain Jordan
M. Antoine Khairallah
Mme Madeleine Kogevinas
M. et Mme Jean Kohler
M. David Lachat
M. Marko Lacin
Mme Brigitte Lacroix
Mme Éric Lescure
Mme Claire Locher
Mme Eva Lundin
M. Bernard Mach
Mme France Majoie Le Lous
M. et Mme Colin Maltby
Mme Jacqueline Mantello
M. et Mme Thierry de Marignac
Mme Doris Mast
M. Bertrand Maus
M. et Mme Olivier Maus
Mme Sophie Merieux
Mme Béatrice Mermod
M. et Mme Charles de Mestral
Mme Catherine Meyer Frimenich
Mme Vera Michalski-Hoffmann
Mme Jacqueline Missoffe
M. et Mme Christopher Mouravieff­-Apostol
Mme Philippe Nordmann
M. Xavier Oberson
M. et Mme Patrick Odier
M. et Mme Alan Parker
M. Shelby du Pasquier
Mme Sibylle Pastré
M. et Mme Gilles Petitpierre
Mme Marie-Christine von Pezold
M. et Mme Charles Pictet
M. et Mme Guillaume Pictet
M. et Mme Ivan Pictet
M. et Mme Jean-­François Pissettaz
Mme Françoise Propper
Comte de Proyart
M. et Mme Christopher Quast
M. et Mme Zeina Raad
M. et Mme François Reyl
Mme Karin Reza
M. et Mme Andreas Rötheli
M. et Mme Jean-Rémy Roussel
M. et Mme Gabriel Safdié
M. Adam Said
Marquis et Marquise de Saint-­Pierre
M. Vincenzo Salina Amorini
M. Alain Saman
Mme Nahid Sappino
M. Paul Saurel
Mme Michèle Schwok-Sitbon
Baron et Baronne Seillière
Mme Françoise Slavic
Marquis et Marquise Enrico Spinola
Mme Christiane Steck
M. Riccardo Tattoni
Mme Suzanne Troller
M. et Mme Gérard Turpin
M. et Mme Jean­-Luc Vermeulen
M. et Mme Julien Vielle
M. et Mme Olivier Vodoz
Mme Bérénice Waechter
M. Gerson Waechter
M. et Mme Stanley Walter

1875 Finance SA
Banque Pâris Bertrand SA
Fondation Bru
International Maritime Services Co. Ltd.
Lenz & Staehelin
Schroder & Co banque SA

Compte bancaire
No 530290
MM. Pictet & Cie

Organe de révision
Plafida SA


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