Duels 20-21



The house lights go down, two personalities, two opinions begin opposing each other. Great minds from today’s schools of thought try to convince us that it’s time to and here’s why (or the other way round) when it comes to the hottest topics of the moment: artificial intelligence, biological revolution, economic migrations, individualistic collectives, wars of irreligion, asocial arts and dumbed-down societies… there are enough topics around to set fire to Lake Geneva! Sharpen your knives…


Our speakers will be subject to strict debating rules, inspired by TED® Talks but also derived from the medieval rhetorical tradition of disputatio. Appearing on stage also encourages participants to integrate contemporary visual media technology and perform in real time. Somewhere between a race against the clock and a pro wrestling tournament, somewhere between knowledge and per- suasion, we offer you a new format where drama and hot topics grapple together in all honesty and that will keep you just as much on the edge of your seat as our opera performance of the moment. Maybe even more!

The Duels are the Grand Théâtre’s way of going out to explore the world of today and drop roots into the local and international public debate.

Next Duels

8.10.2020 Duel#1
4.3.2021 Duel#2
24.6.2021 Duel#3

At 8:00pm
Entrance CHF 15.–
GTG main stage

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