Dido & Æneas

Dido & Æneas

Opera by Henry Purcell
From CHF 17.-
Sun 2 May 20:00
Tue 4 May 20:00
Thu 6 May 20:00
Sat 8 May 20:00
Sun 9 May 15:00
Tue 11 May 20:00
Tous les arguments que les systèmes emploient pour démystifier l’amour, je les écoute, mais je m’obstine : Je sais bien, mais quand même… »

Roland Barthes, Fragment d’un discours amoureux

Opera by Henry Purcell

First performed in 1689 in Chelsea
Libretto by Nahum Tate
Last time at the Grand Théâtre de Genève 2001-2002
In coproduction with the Opéra de Lille,
the Théâtres de la ville de Luxembourg et le Théâtre de Caen

Sung in Englisch with French and English subtitles

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Musical Director Emmanuelle Haïm
Stage Director and choreographer Franck Chartier (Peeping Tom)
Scenographer Justine Bougerol
Costumes desginer Anne-Catherine Kunz
Lighting designer Giacomo Gorini
Creation of musical interludes Atsushi Sakaï
Sound design Raphaëlle Latini
Dramaturgy Clara Pons

Dido / Sorceress Marie-Claude Chappuis
Æneas Jarrett Ott
Belinda / 1st Witch Emőke Baráth
2nd Woman / 2nd Witch Marie Lys

Artists of the company Peeping Tom
Orchestre et Chœur du Concert d’Astrée


Dido & Æneas was written to be performed in an orphanage for girls by the girls themselves (at least a part of them and a part of the work). Is this the reason why Æneas, even if he features in the title of the opera, only shows up relatively late and actually sings very little before disappearing and leaving the women in their former state of solitude and ennui. From the very begin-ning, Dido’s grief contains inexhaustible depths and we know that all this won’t end well as we dive into Dido’s psychological abyss.
In the theatrical world of the Belgian dance collective Peeping Tom, relationships between the beings who inhabit the stage are the starting-point of endless explorations inside bodies and minds. As they zoom in and out, we embark on a journey from microscopic impressions to macroscopic feelings as huge as… the most grossly misshapen of superlative realities. This world of psyche and emotion, with rules that are both strict and organic, will be asked to stage an opera for the first time in the collective’s history. Fortu-nately, there’s all the space they need on the Grand Théâtre stage, so no fear that they might get stuck.
And no fear they should creak either! Since Emmanuelle Haïm herself is officiating as mistress of ceremonies at the head of the ensemble with which she has long been exploring the music of Henry Purcell. Le Concert d’Astrée will them-selves be busy with some improvisational pyrotechnics, shifting from one reality on the stage to another, from authentic musical textures to magnificent chromatics inspired by Dido’s famous final lament “When I am laid in earth” from the only opera the British Orpheus ever composed. This is Dido like you have never seen or heard it before.

Dido & Æneas at La Plage

Apéropéra 15.4.2021
Public Workshops 24.4.2021
Conference 28.4.2021
En coulisse 9.5.2021
Intropéra 45 minutes before each performance


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