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Despite the current uncertainties related to the Coronavirus pandemic, the GTG will make every effort to maintain and develop its activities on GTG Digital to stay in touch with you and keep the institution vibrant.


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Journée internationale des droits des femmes
Pour la journée internationale des droits des femmes, trois collaboratrices du GTG se prêtent à l’exercice de l’interview.
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GTM n°7 – Nos conspirations
Explorez le dernier numéro du magazine du Grand Théâtre de Genève !
Find the latest information related to the evolution of the pandemic.
Ink-redible Sneakers
The GTG sneakers: come as you are!
GTG keeps pushing ahead with unique formats: the GTG sneaker created by the Swiss illustrator FICHTRE in collaboration with the CAMPER brand.

Coming soon

Coming soon

Dido & Æneas
Opera by Henry Purcell
2-11 May 2021
Dido & Æneas
Any ideas that systems use to demystify love, I listen to them, but I remain stubborn: I know, but still… 

Roland Barthes, Fragment d’un discours amoureux

La Plage

La Plage

Guided Tour
Limited number of participants
19 Apr 2021
La Plage
Guided Tour
Shhh, don’t tell anyone: the Grand Théâtre organizes guided tours.

A journey into the secret and slightly offbeat world of Geneva’s grand opera house.

Public Worshop
About Dido & Æneas
24 Apr 2021
La Plage
Public Worshop
Let’s try a different approach to opera and ballet…

Voice, stage, theatre and image professionals will guide you through the many aspects of opera, the art that has everything!

Grand Brunch
25 Apr 2021
La Plage
Grand Brunch
We have a Sunday buffet ready to satisfy the hungriest opera and ballet buffs!

B is for Bel canto and Bellini (also a very nice drink), Bizet and Berlioz, Britten and his Billy Budd and, of course, B is for Brunch!


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