La Souris Traviata

La Souris Traviata

From age 3

From CHF 10.-
Wed 22 Mar10:00
Wed 22 Mar15:00
Sat 25 Mar10:00
Sat 25 Mar15:00
Wed 31 May10:00
Sat 3 Jun15:00
Je me donne au plaisir.
C’est le meilleur remède à mes malheurs.

La Traviata, Giuseppe Verdi. Acte I, scène 1

Infos & Cast

Infos & Cast

Workshop-performance for children from 3 to 7 years old accompanied by their parents

With Julia Deit-Ferrand / Maud Bessard-Morandas

October 12 and 15, 2022 – 10am and 3pm
November 2 and 5, 2022 – 10am and 3pm
January 21, 2023 – 3pm
January 25, 2023 – 10am
January 28, 2023 – 10am and 3pm
February 1 and 4, 2023 – 10am and 3pm

March 22 and 25, 2023 – 10am and 3pm
Foyer du Grand Théâtre
May 31 mai, 2023 – 10am
June 3, 2023 – 3pm

From age 3

Did you know that at night there is a mouse in the Foyer of the Grand Theatre who dreams of becoming a singer? When the lights are out and there’s no one around to catch her, she does her vocalises and works so hard that she sometimes falls asleep in our singer’s concert shoe! To wake her up, there’s only one solution: send her kisses in song…


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