The truth is we aren’t too fond of seeing opera at the movies. We’d rather have it live on stage in all its vibrating emotional loudness. But at the opera, we do like a good movie. In fact, we’re just as keen to watch one as our neighbours at the Cinémas du Grütli, Geneva’s art house cinema. So we developed this new format, Cinéopéra, as both a tribute to and a discovery of the silver screen, where four opera and ballet greats who will be on stage with us this season choose their favorite film to view and discuss. Four very different artists, all exceptional, using film to zoom in (or out) on the productions they designed for us, in an amusing play of intertextuality and inter-referentiality. And perhaps one day, it’ll be hard to tell whether you’re at the opera or at the movies…

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On Saturdays

Marc Minkowski
Barry Lyndon, Stanley Kubrick, 177 min, 1975

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
Anna Karénine, Joe Wright, 130 min, 2012

FC Bergman
Ulisse, Mario Camerini, 100 min, 1954

Christiane Jatahy
Bamako, Abderrahmane Sissako, 115 min, 2006

Saturdays at 6PM
Les Cinémas Du Grütli
Rue du Général-Dufour 16
1204 Genève


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