Open doors day

Open doors day

With the kids or just wander in, the doors are wide open.

Open Doors

A quick once over with the mop and broom and we throw the windows and doors wide open to let the sounds of our busy Sun- day morning out onto the street for all to hear. This is your chance to come in and check us out. You can watch the chorus rehearsing a performance. There will be lots of activities specially designed for this opening weekend: stuff for the kids (makeup, wigs, painting, drawing, games in the theatre), food and wine tasting and tours for grownups, technical and discovery circuits for the eternally curious, in short, never a dull moment in our company. And this is just the trial run for other festive weekends we are planning this season along the same format!

Sunday 12 September 2021
From 11am to 6pm
At the GTG


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