For one night, come and live in the Grand Théâtre, we’ll take you from the ceiling to the stage, from maze to maze, along the melodies of yesteryear and sweet polyphonies. Come and dream under the lights of the chandeliers and the stars, we will sing you to sleep until the early morning, and then what a wake-up call! And bring your things:

  • sleeping bag or other blanket
  • mattress more or less soft
  • pillow
  • flashlight
  • toilet bag
  • teddy bear


  • From 8PM
    Find and set up your sleeping area, in the Great Hall under the Milky Way or in a lodge out of sight or on the geometric floor of the foyer. To each his own!
  • From 9:30PM to 11:30PM
    With the ensemble Les Argonautes, let yourself be guided and surprised by the music in the four corners of the theatre. Beware, it climbs and descends all the time, literally and musically too! Will you find your Golden Fleece?
  • From midnight to 2AM
    Journey into the world of sound and beyond with percussionist Serge Vuille. One minute you are sitting in a room and the next you are on a boat. It’s in the Grand Foyer, but you can pick up a digestif or a chimerical herbal tea in the Bar Bleu before or even during.
  • From 2AM to 3:30AM
    A film accompanied by the drone sounds of Elektropoulos (Antonis Kardelis) in the Great Hall, to take your dreams to lands of old and new.
  • At 7AM
    Wake up, have breakfast and enjoy the music in the Grand Foyer.
  • Bar Bleu open from 11PM to 1AM

programme subject to change



Saturday, April 1st 2023
From 8pm to 8am
Entrance CHF 40.–
CHF 20.– (under 16 years old)
Breakfast and small snack included
At the GTG


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