Rosa and Bianca

Rosa and Bianca

From age 5


mesdames mesdemoiselles messieurs
chers Belcantiens
chères Belcantiennes
merci d’être venus si nombreux
en cette auguste journée
qui marque le dix-huitième anniversaire de nos princesses bien aimées
la Princesse Rosa
et la Princesse Bianca

Le Grand Chambellan

Infos & Cast

Infos & Cast

Stage Director Sybille Wilson
Scenography and costumes Aurélie Thomas

Rosa Sophie Negoïta
Bianca Julia Deit-Ferrand
Le Grand Chambellan Arthur Noël

14, 17, 19 and 21 December 2022 – 2pm
17, 21 and 23 December 2022 – 10am
Foyer du Grand Théâtre

From age 5

In the Kingdom of Belcanto, Rosa and Bianca are twin princesses with completely opposed characters. When Rosa runs, shouts and is generally quite loud, Bianca dreams, reads and sighs. When Bianca greets the crowd with a graceful wave, Rosa addresses them in impetuous tones. But on their eighteenth birthday, the Grand Chamberlain of the Kingdom is to announce which of Rosa or Bianca will assume the throne and become queen. So, in a series of tests, they confront each other and fight, before realising that, very often, there is strength in unity. A musical entertainment of arias by Donizetti repurposed in French.


Dossier avant-spectacle
Trouvez ici le matériel pour préparer la venue de vos élèves ou de vos enfants au Grand Théâtre.


Hymne de Belcanto
Écoutez et téléchargez l’hymne du Royaume du Belcanto ! Les paroles se trouvent dans le dossier avant-spectacle 👆
Apprenez-les, il y aura peut-être une interrogation surprise.


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