Cenerentolina – Little Cinderella

Cenerentolina © GTG / Matthieu Gafsou


For Young Audiences
(From 4 to 10yo)
Cenerentolina © GTG / Matthieu Gafsou
«Cenerentola, finiscila
Con la solita canzone»

Gioacchino Rossini
La Cenerentola

(Little Cinderella)

Pour jeune public (de 4 à 10 ans)
Creation based on the opera by Rossini

From 12 to 19 December in the GTG’s Foyers
Duration: 55 minutes without intermission


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Concept, Stage Directors, Set and Costumes Designers Sandra Pocceschi & Giacomo Strada
Adaptation & Musical Director Nicolas Chesneau
Musical Dramatugy Sandra Pocceschi
Adaptation of the libretto Sabryna Pierre

Cenerentolina is a production of GTJ – Grand Théâtre Jeunesse

Cenerentola Julia Deit-Ferrand
Clorinda Ana Vieira Leite
Ramiro Fernando Cuellar
Magnifico Alexandre Diakoff

Violin Clara Chartré
Alto Irénée Krumenacker
Cello Beatriz Brito Raimundo
Flute Ewa Januszewska
Clarinet Azra Ramic


Cinderella and her stepfather — because like a lot of things in this story it’s the other way round — Alidoro and the Prince, along with the Twin Sisters who make a sterling contribution to this merry mess, are ready turn the world topsy-turvy before starting to rebuild it as a better place, where dreams become real, even if the final results are a little lopsided and kooky. This show gives a healthy makeover to a rather conventional and gendered fairytale. A bespoke musical quintet follows the characters of this Pretty Womanesque story, taking you in the twinkling of an eye from rags to riches and from evil to good. Cenerentolina (our “Little Cinderella”) comes to sparkle in the recently renovated Grand Théâtre main foyer: a hall of mirrors to which this performance will add an intimate and fairy-like atmosphere. Director Sandra Pocceschi and her team take us on a journey between reality and fiction, from real live singers to hologram-like mirror images. A journey for the senses in Rossini’s ebullient world and the glitzy, Victorian splendour of Geneva’s old opera house. A journey of enchantment, which also says a lot about social inequality.
For children from 4 to 10 years old.


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