A theatrical journey

#rêveries is a pedagogical project which aims to offer four secondary school classes the discovery of an opera production and a space for expression around Jean-Jacques Rousseau, nature and opera. This project is based on six workshops per class and the creation of a show at the Théâtre de Carouge. A fifth primary school class will actively participate in the production by performing on stage.
The format is a stroll through different spaces of the Théâtre de Carouge, a theatrical walk: four spaces, four classes, four reveries. This stroll will be integrated into a more global artistic framework, the opera will be impregnated in the walls, will spread in the theatre. The bowels of the theatre will open up and invite the audience into a new dimension in the company of the musicians of the Cappella Mediterranea and under the maieutic guidance of the Cie Agora.



Sponsored by

République et Canton de Genève



Concept 4 classes from Claparède and Saussure high schools
Choir 2 classes from the Tambourine school
Stage Director Benjamin David
Composition / Arrangement / Harp Julie Campiche
Scenography / Costumes Valentin Köhler
Videos Bastien Genoux
Dramaturgy Jana Beckmann
Administration / Production Maxine Devaud

Musical Director / Harpsichord Alessandro Urbano
Violin I Girolamo Bottiglieri
Violin II Sue-Ying Koang
Theorbo Charles-Edouard Fantin
Cello Florestan Darbellay
Harp Julie Campiche
Soprano Clémence Tilquin
Baritone Marcos Garcia Gutierre


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