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To dance together

The Grand Théâtre de Genève invites you to continue the dance season with our Geneva partners. At La Comédie and at the Pavillon ADC, you will find shows in echo, in continuation or reference: the opportunity to discover new places, get involved in emerging or established choreographic languages or just tickel your eyes. All at a great price!

On presentation of their season ticket, GTG season ticket holders benefit from a reduced rate on full-price tickets, i.e. CHF 25.00 instead of CHF 40.00, for all the productions of the Comédie de Genève’s 21-22 season.




29.9 – 3.10.2021
Manon Parent is already a regular guest in Ioannis Mandafounis’ textured improvisations. On this occasion, for Solo’is, the dancer participates in a choreographed work, surrounded by a dozen Walkmans. But without losing any of the surprises, the sweetness or the momentum of an improvisation à la Mandafounis.

Diverti Menti

Diverti Menti

6.10 – 10.10.2021
Forever magnetized by musical monuments, Maud Blandel invites dancer Maya Masse and three soloists from the Ensemble Contrechamps to perform Mozart’s Divertimenti. A composition based on burlesque, displacement and reversal, that plays around with tempo.



11.11 – 13.11.2021
A crowd of revelers takes over the stage, which has become the dance floor of a moonlit rave party. This sensory and sensual performance, choreographed by Gisèle Vienne, reinstates the party as a spiritual experience akin to that of archaic rites. The fifteen performers are archetypal characters whose journey is guided by a secret subtext. The audience is immersed in a long dolly tracking shot that explores our individual feelings and stories.

Le Pavillon

Le Pavillon

21.2 – 6.3.2022 (dates à confirmer)
Cindy Van Acker is in residence at the Pavillon for a fortnight. The choreographer, associate artist of the ADC, revisits her creative material, her scores, sound compositions, stage installations and videos, as well as the 11 solos on which her new piece Without References is based.


Triptych: The Missing Door,
The Lost Room and The Hidden Floor

24.2 – 26.2.2022
Flemish dance company Peeping Tom pushes you over the edge of a triple, no-exit hell: The Missing Door, The Lost Room and The Hidden Floor. Each piece introduces a new dreamlike setting: a corridor with doors that open onto the void, a boat cabin, an abandoned restaurant. The sets suck unbalanced bodies in like quicksand and spit them out in quivering, animalistic dances of an almost surreal virtuosity.


Transverse Orientation

08.4 – 10.4.2022
A genius of the stage, Papaioannou describes himself as a ’painter in the theatre’. In true aesthetic fashion, the stage adds the extra measure of life that allows him to bring his pictorial visions to the sublime. His new work promises to be a moment of pure grace and subtlety, full of hybrid creatures whose beauty is revealed in the glorious crackling of their own combustion.


Without References

18.5 – 22.5.2022
In a monumental and uncluttered set designed by Romeo Castellucci, eleven performers gradually set up a striking procession of presence and absence, dance and immobility, solitude and interaction. Cindy Van Acker delves into the slight delay through which we perceive the world and gets this elusive present moving.


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