Electric Dreams by Matthew Shlomowitz

Electric Dreams © GTG / Matthieu Gafsou

Electric Dreams

Opéra by
Matthew Shlomowitz


Dear audience,

Following federal and cantonal directives relating to the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus the Grand Théâtre de Genève is obliged to cancel Electric Dreams, April 22-25, 2020.

Our season subscribers and ticket holders for these events will be contacted by email.

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Electric Dreams © GTG / Matthieu Gafsou
«Mahler, advertisements for cars or for coffee, Queen, teleshopping, wildlife documentaries, TV and video games.»

Everything merrily blends together in this “electric dream”




Opera by Matthew Shlomowitz
Swiss creation

Performances at the Théâtre Am Stram Gram
Sung in English with French spoken texts


Musical Director Zoi Tsokanou
Stage Director Sara Ostertag
Scenographer and costumes designer Michela Flück

Soprano 1 Misaki Morino
Soprano 2 Sarah Pagin
Mezzo-soprano Lotte Bett-Deans
Tenor Fernando Cuellar
Barytone Henry Neill
Spoken role Jeanne Werner
Flutiste Susanne Peters
Corniste Olivier Darbellay

Ensemble Contrechamps


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In coproduction with


Electric Dreams is the story of a teenage boy, lost between virtual worlds that unexpectedly appear and disappear. Between the virtual paradise of his gaming and torrents of insignificant news feeds, he begins to forget to exist and starts blending with the shadows of his room, becoming himself a projection. Will he make it out of the labyrinth of illusions and impatience in one piece? Five singers and 15 musicians accompany our teenager through the schizophrenic world of imaginary images that surround the humdrum events of our daily lives.

First performed during the Steierische Herbst Festival 2017, this family-friendly work is an energetic and sophisticated blend of pop culture and classical music, featuring a vibrant tribute to the Eighties and a funky new instrumental take on the greatest hits of pop and classical music. Beyond the layer of social critique of consumerism and clichéd pop music that implicitly follows the whole piece, composer Matthew Shlomowitz works with sounds as musical content and combines them, using the techniques of pastiche and quotation to tell his story. Working at the crossroads of genre, often bringing musicians, actors and dancers together on stage, shifting roles and expectations around, Sara Ostertag is joined by scenographer Michela Flück to form an artistic team with a rich background and a huge desire to experiment on the most exciting topics of the day. Musicians from the Genevan contemporary music ensemble Contrechamps take the audience on this spoken and sung (both in English and French) adventure through the virtual and yet all-too-real worlds of the search for identity in the era of fakery. An adventure that throbs to the beat of Wagnerian themes played by a brass band or to synthetic sounds reminiscent of a Game Boy.

Recommended for children above 10 years old.


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