Asmik Grigorian

Asmik Grigorian

Your eyes betrayed your sadness, But your voice rang out divinely, Like the sound of distant pipes, Or like the dancing waves of the sea.

Tchaikovsky 6 romances on texts by Leo Tolstoy




Asmik Grigorian, soprano

Lukas Geniusas, piano

7 June 2022 – 8pm
Duration: approx. 1h30 with one intermission

«Средь шумного бала»
(« Au milieu du bruit d’un bal ») Op. 38, no. 3
«Снова, как прежде, один»
(« Encore une fois, comme avant ») Op. 73, no. 6
«Нет, только тот, кто знал»
(« Non, seul qui a connu »)
Op. 6, no. 6
«Слеза дрожит»
(« Une larme tremble »)
Op. 6, no. 4
«Благословляю вас, леса»
(« Je vous bénis, forêts »)
Op. 47, no. 5

Nocturne (piano solo)
Op. 10, no. 1
Scherzo humoristique (piano solo)
Op.19, no. 2
Dumka en Do mineur (piano solo)
Op. 59

– entracte –

«В молчаньи ночи тайной»
(« Dans le silence de la nuit mystérieuse ») Op. 4, no. 3
«Не пой, красавица, при мне»
(« Ne chante plus pour moi, la belle ») Op. 4, no. 4
«Дитя! Как цветок, ты прекрасна»
(« Mon enfant, tu es belle comme une fleur ») Op. 8, no. 2
(« Rêve ») Op. 38, no. 5
«О, не грусти по мне»
(« Oh, ne sois pas triste à cause de moi ! ») Op. 14, no. 8
«Весенние воды»
(« Les eaux du printemps »)
Op. 14, no. 11

Hopak (piano solo)
M. Moussorgski, arr.Rachmaninov
Les Marguerites (piano solo)
Op.38, no. 3
Le Vol du bourdon (piano solo)
N. Rimsky-Korsakov, arr. Rachmaninov Op. 14, no. 7

«Я жду тебя»
(« Je t’attendrai ») Op. 14, no. 1
(« Crépuscule ») Op. 21, no. 3
«Здесь хорошо»
(« Ici il fait bon ») Op. 21, no. 7
(« Lilas ») Op. 21, no. 5
(« Dissonance ») Op. 34, no. 13

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Soprano Asmik Grigorian, born in Vilnius to the Lithuanian soprano Irena Milkevičiūtė and the renown Armenian tenor Gegham Grigorian, was doing a great job adding roles to her repertoire, performing on increasingly prestigious stages (Theater an der Wien in 2014 in Tchaikovsky’s Enchantress, Berlin’s Komische Oper in 2016 in Onegin), even getting a break as Wozzeck’s Marie at Salzburg in 2017. And then… boom! When Romeo Castellucci turned the Salzburg Felsenreitschule into an abyss of stone and milk for Strauss’ Wildean/Biblical epos in 2019, her Salome catapulted her into the spotlight of opera stardom. In a role usually reserved for tungsten-plated dramatic sopranos, her voice displayed an edge of lyric steel that sliced right through the thrust of the Vienna Philharmonic. If Asmik Grigorian asks you for the head of Jokanaan, you’d better reach for the sword before this terrific and terrifying performer turns her sweet caressing voice into a lethal snarl.
Asmik Grigorian’s exciting upcoming projects include a new production of Butterfly at the Vienna State Opera, of Rusalka under Ivor Bolton at Madrid’s Teatro Real Madrid and a muchanticipated debut at the Paris Opera in Tchaikovsky’s Queen of Spades. For her debut appearance at the Grand Théâtre de Genève, the drama will be less palpable, but an evening in the company of Asmik Grigorian’s familiars Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff promises nonetheless a very exciting first meeting with this extraordinary vocal artist on her cultural home turf.


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