Aventures et Nouvelles Aventures

Aventures et Nouvelles Aventures

György Ligeti
4 & 5 September 2021

I am in a prison: one wall is the avant-garde, the other wall is the past, and I want to escape.

György Ligeti

Infos & Cast


Infos & Cast

Installation with 7 musicians, 3 singers and 1 conductor

First performed in Stuttgart in 1966

4 September 2021 – 6pm
5th September 2021 – 4pm
Salle du Lignon
Single Tickets go on sale August 16, 2021

Musical Director Elena Schwarz
Set design, machinery, video, lighting and staging
Cynthia-Ël Hasbani, Florian Kühnle, Cristina Nyffeler, Clara Pons

Soprano Sarah Maria Sun
Mezzo-soprano Lena Haselmann
Basse Markus Hollop

Ensemble Contrechamps


La Plage at La Bâtie

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Who’s afraid of György Ligeti? Rescued from Covid floodwaters, Adventures and New Adventures will make a comeback at La Bâtie. These two bizarre and amusing plays are for young and old, with sound effects like fireworks and you can literally walk through them. Because you are the one who wanders through the space as you please. And if you’re worried that you haven’t heard or seen everything correctly, no problem: we’ll play it twice in a row!


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