Public Workshops

Public Workshops

Let’s try a different approach to opera and ballet…

With every Grand Théâtre production this season, there will be a Saturday morning of creative workshops related to the upcoming opera or ballet. Song, dance, drama, text, visual arts, it’s all there waiting to surprise you and help you express yourself: voice, stage, theatre and image professionals will guide you through the many aspects of opera, the art that has everything!


Workshop #4

Singing and orchestra introduction workshop

For the first time, the Grand Théâtre and the Orchestre de Suisse Romande join their efforts for a special public workshop on Parsifal. Dive into Wagner’s universe with the bass Markus Hollop and 4 musicians from the OSR.

Through various excerpts, you will explore the specifics of this great composer’s writing, the lyrical voice and the orchestral parts of Parsifal. At the end of the workshop, it will be your turn to play and you will even be able to try out some of the orchestra’s instruments!

Saturday, January 21 2023
At 11AM
From 12 years old
Entry CHF 15.–
A the Grand Foyer of the Grand Théâtre de Genève


Katia Kabanova 8.10.2022
Mondes flottants 5.11.2022
Maria Stuarda 19.11.2022
Parsifal 21.1.2023
Le Retour d’Ulysse 18.2.2023
Voyage vers l’Espoir 18.3.2023
Lady Macbeth de Mtsensk 29.4.2023
Nabucco 3.6.2023

Saturdays At 11AM
Entry CHF 15.–
CHF 10.– (up to 12 years old)
Various meeting points


Workshop #1

The Storm: about Kát’a Kabanová by Janaček / Theater and music workshop
By Tamara Fischer and Mariama Sylla

Kát’a Kabanová is suffocating in the closed environment of her small provincial town in Russia, squeezed between her falot husband, Tichon, and her authoritarian and contemptuous mother-in-law, Kabanicha. How can she resist the attention of the young Boris during her husband’s absence? Can Kát’a find happiness or will frustration and despair lead her to tragedy?

Composer Leoš Janaček was a great lover of literature and theater. The libretto of his opera Kát’a Kabanová was taken from the play The Storm by Alexander Ostrovsky. In an acting workshop that will also feature Janaček’s musical score, join us in discovering the characters and the fable of Kát’a Kabanová.

Saturday, October 8, 2022 at 11am
From 12 years old
Duration 1h30
At the GTG

In collaboration with the Fête du Théâtre


Workshop #2

About Floating Worlds
Come learn about the choreographic languages of Damien Jalet and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui choreographers of Floating Worlds in a contemporary dance workshop led by Fernanda Barbosa, teacher and former GTG Ballet dancer. No requirements to participate, just comfortable clothes and a good pair of socks! The workshop is open to all, including children 8 years old and up accompanied by an adult who is also participating.

Saturday, November 5, 2022
At 11AM
Entry CHF 15.–
CHF 10.– (up to 12 years old)
At the GTG’s workshops at Sainte-Clotilde
Access via rue Jean-Louis-Hugon 8
1205 Genève

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Workshop #3

About Maria Stuarda
Join us for a bel canto introduction workshop related to the opera Maria Stuarda. Ornamentation, nuances, vocalises… with the help of musicologist Marie Favre, and accompanied by the soprano Nuada Le Drève, these terms will no longer be secrets to you. Discover this vocal technique and take your first steps as a singer of the Italian romantic repertoire. From 12 years old.

Saturday, November 19, 2022
At 11AM
From 12 years old
Entry CHF 15.–
At the Grand Théâtre de Genève


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